I’m a generalist web developer at Automattic living simply in rural Missouri with my three kids. Most of my work day is spent on hiring, accessibility and front-end development work. Most of my evenings and weekend is spent with friends and family; playing, laughing, and sharing.


I’ve started a design firm, a crowdfunding platform, an organic bakery, and an environmental nonprofit. I’ve re-sided my house and built a slate hearth. I write songs, play soccer, ferment foods and drinks, skateboard, climb, fix bicycles, and more.

I’m a lifelong learner, who can’t stop being interested in everything around me.

Accessibility Advocate

I grew up around accessibility issues, and I consider accessibility a core design tenant, rather than a nice “extra”. If your website has a video, we’re going to put captions on it, because when I show it to my mom, I want her to be able to enjoy it too.


I’m from a small town, and it’s made me honest and committed, even when it’s tough to do. Feel free to reach out, and if it’s something I can help with, I’m glad to do so.

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