Share Pie with Strangers

Two years ago I spent the night in a cabin in an RV park in Northern California. My family and I finished dinner and lounged around a picnic table.

A jovial man sat down and introduced himself. Talk quickly turned to work, and we realized we were both web designers/developers. I was a bit further down the track, and he had questions on a few different things like DNS and running a small web shop.

Until that moment, I knew I enjoyed talking about design, development, and client management, but didn’t feel like I had anything to contribute. I didn’t believe I had any way to really help another designer/developer out. At times, it can feel like there’s so much I don’t know, it’s hard to have the confidence that I really know anything at all.

But on a starry night near the Redwoods, eating apple pie with a stranger, I had a lot to offer.

A year later, the small web shop I helped start fell apart.

It was rough. I questioned my value and what I had to offer. The little confidence I had was shot.

As I started to get my bearings again, I got a call from an unknown number.

This man from California was calling to say how helpful our talk was that night. A year later, he was still thankful for that night. And so was I.

His call came through at the exact time I needed it. It made my month. It kick started my confidence. Made me feel like I had something to offer after all.

And here I am, another year later, thankful for that night and a phone call from a stranger.

Be nice to people. Share what you know. Listen. Connect.

And don’t forget to share some apple pie.

2 responses to “Share Pie with Strangers”

  1. I’m constantly surprised at how much we benefit from helping others. Not only did you give this guy some pointers, but he lent you a hand in your time of need. We have *way* more to contribute than we think.

    I recently read an amazing book on this: Adam Grant’s *Give and Take: How Helping Others Drives Our Success*. It’s one of top 3 books I’ve read in the last year. You should check it out!


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