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  • Extensively Extending Sass @extend: How I Overused Extends

    Right now, I believe CSS should be minimal, meaningful (to people), and not descriptive of what it looks like (visually). Also, I can be a bit of an idealist. Especially at the beginning of a project. As a warning, this post isn’t meant to teach basic CSS concepts. Get ready for some CSS nerdery. Project […]

  • Using Picturefill Responsive Images with the WordPress Editor

    Folks, we’ve got an image bloat problem. But, it’s OK. We can fix it. When someone on an iPhone with a 320px wide screen on a 3G network arrives at your fancy-schmancy WordPress blog, they don’t need a 1020px wide image. They need an image that’s 320px wide. Each image you load that’s more than […]

  • Accessible Web Design Pull Quotes

    Pull quotes are a great way for articles to pull readers in with your swanky text, reflect traditional print design, and show off your highfalutin typography skills. And, let’s be honest, it just looks so nice. If you don’t think so, you’re probably not reading this article. You’ll need to be OK with HTML and […]

  • This Site is Responsive

    There are still a few bugs to iron out and it’s only been tested for iPad and Chrome, but this site is now fully responsive for all screen sizes. If you’re on a desktop, go ahead and resize that browser window and watch the magic happen.

  • Set-up postfix to send emails through gMail

    A few projects I’m working on need to be able to send emails through the website, and since I develop everything locally, I need to be able to send emails from localhost. My searching on how to do this (remember, I’m a front-end developer!) lead me to this amazing postfix email set-up tutorial.  Enjoy!

  • Craigslist Nearby Cities Search Aggregator – Google Spreadsheet

    I made a spreadsheet in google that will take a search term and search it in all the nearby cities on craigslist and dynamically output all the results in the spreadsheet using importXML queries. You have to specify which three-letter category you want to search for. Like furniture (fua), cars by owner (cto), musical instruments […]

  • jQuery to Display Dynamic Content Continuously After Page Load

    The title is a mouthful, but it’s true.  A client needed a timer from a WordPress plug-in to be displayed multiple times on a page, but the plug-in didn’t allow for multiple instances on the page.  I tried to do a few workarounds by hacking (or just trying to make it do things it wasn’t […]

  • CSS3 PIE

    Oh man. My life just got a little easier thanks to the folks over at CSS3 PIE. Now I don’t have to make three images, line them up with empty div>s and work out odd padding/width math just to get a rounded border and a drop shadow in IE 6-8. Thanks CSS3 PIE.

  • Linking Entire List Element

    I needed a solution for making an entire list element click-able, not just the anchor text.  At the site I made for the Kirksville Brewfest, the entire background color of the list element on the enter page/style changed color, making the user think they could click on it, but only the text was click-able.  The solution […]

  • How to Detect If There’s a Featured Image on a WordPress Page or Post

    I’m redesigning the website for a Mindfulness Practice Center in New Hampshire, Morning Sun Community, and ran into an issue where I didn’t want the Title on the WordPress page to show if there was a featured image. The layout looks cleaner without the title there (although they opted to have the title appear anyways). […]