Greenhouse Scorecard User Scripts

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Since joining the hiring team at Automattic, I’ve been using the recruiting/hiring software Greenhouse to score Code Tests and evaluate trial candidates.

There are some things that have annoyed me a little about the site, so I wrote a few user scripts to improve my own time on Greenhouse.

A user script is JavaScript that runs on a site after it’s loaded. There’s a regex pattern matching to see what site you want to run the script on, and then you can add your own JavaScript code in to do whatever you want. 🙂

I use Tampermonkey to manage my user scripts.

Auto-expanding textareas

When you have a lot of text in a scorecard attribute, it won’t show you all of the content. The textarea is too small.

Greenhouse scorecard with each textarea very small and hiding content.
Before the user script.

So, to see the full overview of everything you have to manually drag the little corner handle to expand all the textareas. That can be a slow, repetitive task. So, I wrote a script to automatically expand all textareas to show the full content on page load.

Greenhouse scorecard with each textarea automatically expanded to fit the full contents of the field,
After installing the user script, each textarea is expanded on load to show its full contents.

Much better! Now I can see the full overview as soon as I go to the page without needing to do any extra work.

Show/Hide Code Test Scorecard Sections

There isn’t a way in Greenhouse to have separate scorecards for individual stages of the hiring process. So, any attributes you have on your interview scorecard will also show up on your code test scorecard, and so on.

Our code test has a lot of individual attributes that are only applicable for the code test. This clutters your interview scorecard with a lot of things that are unnecessary for that stage.

I wrote a user script that will look for the string “Code Test” in the Interview Plan/Scorecard title. If the scorecard title matches “Code Test,” then it will only show scorecard sections with “Code Test” in their titles.

Greenhouse scorecard with Code Test - Top Priority and Code Test - Medium Priority sections.
Code test scorecard after the user script

This majorly cleans up the clutter across all scorecards.

Installing the Scripts

If you already have a user script manager like Tampermonkey, you can install the Auto-expand Scorecard Textareas and Show/Hide Code Test Scorecard Sections. There’s a bit more instructions at the GitHub repo if you want to modify it to work for your use case.

Let me know if it’s useful for you or if you run into any issues with it!


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