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  • Podcast Player block: Behind-the-Scenes Accessibility

    Podcast Player block: Behind-the-Scenes Accessibility

    On my team at Automattic, we built the new Podcast Player block released in Jetpack 8.5 and on This post is intended to give you a behind-the-scenes style look at all the little details that went into attempting to provide a good, accessible experience for everyone. I’ll be focusing a lot on Screen Reader-specific […]

  • Taxonomy Queries with WordPress v2 REST API

    In order to access posts by a taxonomy query via the v2 WP REST API, you’ll need to do a little set-up first. Let’s say we’re starting a beer blog, and we’re attaching two custom taxonomies to our posts: “styles” and “breweries”. Creating the Taxonomies When you register the taxonomy using register_taxonomy, you have to […]

  • WordPress Actions Made Simple

    I was coding WordPress themes for an embarrassingly long time before I fully understood how to use WordPress actions. This is how I wish someone had explained them to me when I was beginning as a developer. I’m going to walk through this abstractly, not with actual WordPress hooks. The point of this article is […]

  • Switch WordPress Database based on Git Branch

    I’m working on a large redesign project where lots of database changes are going to take place. In order to not mix-up the current master branch with the new redesign changes, I made a new database so I can keep things separate. The only trick is to remember to change out the database in wp-config.php […]

  • WordPress Custom Themes vs Pre-made Themes: Which is Right for You?

    WordPress has great appeal because it’s a free, powerful content management system with thousands of pre-made themes to choose from. There’s so much you can do yourself using free or cheap pre-made themes, so when is it time to hire a developer/designer to do custom work for you? When is it better to save money […]

  • Kirksville Family Acupuncture

    A local acupuncturist, Holly Arbuckle, just starte a business focusing on Kirksville acupuncture.  Focus for the project was to make Acupuncture seem normal in the midst of rural MO.  After some thought mapping, we went with a leaf for the logo based on the idea of the visible paths of the leaf veins.  Acupuncture is […]

  • Linking Entire List Element

    I needed a solution for making an entire list element click-able, not just the anchor text.  At the site I made for the Kirksville Brewfest, the entire background color of the list element on the enter page/style changed color, making the user think they could click on it, but only the text was click-able.  The solution […]

  • How to Detect If There’s a Featured Image on a WordPress Page or Post

    I’m redesigning the website for a Mindfulness Practice Center in New Hampshire, Morning Sun Community, and ran into an issue where I didn’t want the Title on the WordPress page to show if there was a featured image. The layout looks cleaner without the title there (although they opted to have the title appear anyways). […]