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Create Your Own Crowdfunding Site

I’ve had the honor of working with a team to design and be the front-end developer/UX designer for the best way to create your own crowdfunding site.  Users can have a fully functioning crowdfunding site up and running in two minutes, all without touching a line of code.  CrowdfundHQ was developed entirely from scratch without using any code libraries (a very rare occurrence these days), coded with Sinatra, MongoDB, CSS, Javascript, and HAML/HTML.

CrowdfundHQ boasts a large feature list for their crowdfunding sites.  Here’s a few:

  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Customize your CSS
  • Use pre-built layouts to design your site
  • Add Pages
  • Add Categories
  • Logins using Facebook/Google
  • Extremely robust admin panel for managing campaigns and users
  • Multiple Crowdfunding Sites
  • Great price of only $79/month (one of the lowest in the industry)
  • Free 14 day trials
  • Lots more!

Go to CrowdfundHQ to see how robust, fast, and easy it is to start your own crowdfunding site.

By Jerry Jones

JavaScript Engineer for Automattic, living simply in rural MO.

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