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  • The 5 Minute Accessibility Audit

    The 5 Minute Accessibility Audit

    Being great at something takes a lot of dedication and practice. But, you can often be OK at something without too much difficulty. This article is to help you with the latter part. Knowing just enough to be able to make an educated guess on the accessibility of a site or component/plugin. Can you use […]

  • Accessibility 101 for Content Creators

    Accessibility 101 for Content Creators

    A perfectly coded website will still break down if the content isn’t written and built accessibly. This article is intended to give a no-coding-required breakdown of how to make accessible content. I’ll use WordPress as a basis for examples when relevant, but the same principles apply to however you build your website. Use Headings Headings […]

  • A Designer’s Response to Seth Godin’s “Working with a designer (four paths)”

    In Seth Godin’s Working with a designer (four paths), he’s educating people on different things to have considered and come to terms with before approaching a designer. Go ahead and read his post if you haven’t before continuing here. It won’t take long. As a designer, I think he’s spot on about the (at least) […]

  • Is This Thing On? A Toggle/Light Switch Quiz

    Is This Thing On? A Toggle/Light Switch Quiz

    Maybe it’s just me, but toggles and light switches always trip* me up. To pseudo-scientifically find out, I captured different toggle designs in the wild from the ol’ World Wild Web into a quiz using the Quiz Creator I designed and developed for the Center for Media Engagement. I’d be delighted if you took the […]

  • The Process of Building for the Web: Quiz Creator Case Study

    The Process of Building for the Web: Quiz Creator Case Study

    Engaging News Project’s Quiz Creator is by far the biggest product I have ever designed and developed. Over an eight month period, I did all planning, design, development, architecture, testing, documentation, and deployment. To give you an idea of what goes into building a professional web application, I’ve documented the overarching phases of the project. […]

  • Let’s Celebrate! All Responsive Websites Look the Same

    The dust has settled from the introduction of Responsive Web Design (RWD), and we’ve honed design patterns that adapt well across devices. This has led to those same design patterns appearing on site, after site, after site. But few people seem to be celebrating this trend. Does it mean we’ve lost our desire to innovate, […]

  • Why Pixel Perfect Responsive Design is Wrong

    I’ve been reading over job postings for front-end developers and designers, and a lot them have a phrase like “You should love coding pixel perfect responsive designs”. Those jobs instantly go to my “no” pile. Responsive design means letting go of the idea of a pixel perfect design. Responsive designs need to adapt to any […]

  • Create Your Own Crowdfunding Site

    Create Your Own Crowdfunding Site

    I’ve had the honor of working with a team to design and be the front-end developer/UX designer for the best way to create your own crowdfunding site.  Users can have a fully functioning crowdfunding site up and running in two minutes, all without touching a line of code.  CrowdfundHQ was developed entirely from scratch without […]

  • Pomona Pectin Directions

    Pomona Pectin Directions

    My largest print order to date has been completed successfully! Pomona Pectin, a fantastic small company with a internationally distributed low/no sugar pectin, wanted me to convert their current design into Adobe inDesign format for future easy updates, and add color to the layout for a print run of over 200,000 prints. The design scope […]